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BusinessConsultingTechnologyJanuary 9, 2018by BoldThemes25 Cool Things You Can Do in Salesforce Maps Without Admin Permissions

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This product allowed Salesforce a unique positioning to extend their cloud-based services to boost employee productivity by enabling users to visualize their data, create customizable routes and schedules. It even allows for auto assignments based on sales reps’ territories. These features allowed Salesforce’s new tool to compete with similar products like Geopointe, SalesRabbit and Esri ArcGIS.

 Few Ways to Use Salesforce Maps

If you’re a Salesforce Administrator, you know your leadership team and sales reps have constant requests for additional functionality. Now that your company has invested in Salesforce Maps, you’ll receive even more of those requests. Instead of dreading the future, you can let your sales reps handle these requests themselves with just a little time upfront.

Allowing your sales reps to handle these requests themselves will save you as an admin time and allow your reps to boost productivity by enabling them to make changes in real-time instead of waiting in a queue. The best part is you can keep the same privacy logic you have in place because you can enable this at the profile level.

Here are five cool things your sales team can do with a Salesforce Maps license without being an administrator of the platform.

1. Mass Reassign the Owner on Records

It finally happened — the rock star sales rep is taking a long-overdue vacation. Before they leave, they can distribute their accounts to other representatives to keep an eye on things. With Salesforce Maps, this can take only minutes to do. Using the Mass Action feature, you can select as many records as you want, based on any criteria you wish, and reassign the owners of those records to other reps.

2. Mass Update Values in Fields

You can use Process Builder, Flows, or Apex to make mass updates to values in fields. Still, each of those options requires backend setup or some other action to initiate and could be quite complicated if you need to update multiple records or fields. With Salesforce Maps, all you need to do is select the records, field(s) you want to update, and the new value. You can do this for one record or multiple all at once.

This feature works, especially if you are updating route or territory fields or a new lead status. When you mass update fields, something to consider is any currently active validation rules will factor into these updates. Note, if you have a required or dependent field and the records you’re updating don’t have any corresponding data to make that validation rule false, you will not be able to save those records inside of Salesforce Maps.

3. Create Your Routes and Schedules

There is no need to wait for an admin to create your sales route. Salesforce Maps gives you multiple ways to make your routes and schedules. Whether you are a spur of the moment person or you have a more systematic approach to planning your day, Salesforce Maps allows you to use either method or combine the two. By finding the accounts you want to visit on a given day, week or even month, SalesforceMaps will plot the best route for you with a simple click.



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